Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Høsttur (Fjellveien)


  1. Very nice, that could be some place near my home here in East Tennessee.

  2. Very nice, indeed. I see this path and I want to take a slow jog. Very peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for stopping by, all of you. I'm quite suprised that there are six people following this blog now. I did not see that one coming.

    @ Chris:
    Isn't it neat how places that far apart can appear so similar?

    @ Whisk:
    It is indeed a good place for jogging, not that I partake in such activities, mind you. A gentleman does not run ;)

    @ Islander:
    That it is, although this time of year, it rains pretty much every day. Actually, strike the part about the time of the year - it rains pretty much every day.

    But it is *really* nice when the sun is out.

  4. Fantastic to hear you jog. I'm a jog-walker. I can't go very fast but I love jogging. But sadly, since I pinched five nerves, I'm limited to light walking. I'll take it for now.

    How long have you been jogging?

  5. I don't, but people are jogging there all the time, and on the few, rare occasions I /have/ jogged, that's where I've gone.

    Me, I walk where I'm going. Since the town I live in isn't that big, and I live in the middle of it, most places are within 30 minutes of fast walking.

    In fact, I don't own a car, and hasn't since I moved here ten years ago.

  6. Oh I'm sorry. I miss understood. I'm a slow poke jogger and hardly hit a run. My apologies.

    Very nice place to walk. For awhile I didn't have a car and it was nice to walk places.

    I just popped another chicken in the oven and already it smells good. Mmmmmm.

  7. Thanks, Harald. Hope you had a nice day today. We have two more days left of our stay-cation holiday.

    I took a photo or the scary snow trees last night, if you get time to take a peek.

    We're coming to a close on our stay-cation. Boy, it sure went fast.

    Happy Photo Taking. Catch you next time,

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